Tally ledger under list

tally ledger under list


  • Create a laser.
  • Create more than one laser.
  • Create a laser group.

Ledgers / Accounts: 
Before entering voucher we have to create ledgers. Ledgers are a kind of account with which we make voucher entry. For example Sahayog Traders A / e, Bank A / c, etc.

A group is a collection of similar types of ledgers. We form these groups to see the impact of the same kind of ledgers on the company. For example, all sales leads are taken into the Sales Account group.

Predefined Groups of Accounts:
Tally. ERP 9 already consists of 28 predefined groups. There are 15 main or primary groups and 13 sub-groups.

Create Accounts / Ledger: 

To make laser

Gateway of Tally - Accounts Info. → Ledger - Single Ledger - Create 

tally ledger under list

The laser has lower heads in this window

Name:                              Enter the party's name/laser here.
Alias:                          Here if you want to give a nickname.
Under:                      Select the group under which this laser falls.
Inventory Values ​​are Affected:                 If you are doing inventory maintenance and if you are doing Invata mutation on the injection invitational of this laser, then yes here.

Address:                                       Enter the address of the party.
State:                                            Select the state from the list.
Pin Code:                                     Enter the PIN code.
Opening balance:              If there is an opening balance, enter here.

Here is the list of accounts group and their possible ledgers -

1. Bank Accounts ( Do not take banks from which we take loan )
              For Saving & Current Accounts 

2.Bank OCC ( Overdraft and Cash Credit ) & Bank ODA / c
              Accounts of Bank Overdraft in any

3.Branch / Division 
              Accounts of any branch or division of the business 

4.    Capital Account 
              Accounts for Capital

5. Cash - in - Hand 
                     For Cash A /c, Petty Cash

6. Current Assets 
                     For Assets A / c which are of Short Period or regularly fluctuating value like Bills Receivable,

7. Current Liabilities 
                    liabilities which are of short period like Bills Payable.

8.  Deposite Assets 
                    For Fixed Deposite in Bank or any Bonds

9.  Direct Expenses & Expenses ( Direct ) 
                              Expenses which affects directly on Production or Gross Profit like Factory Rent, Wages, etc.

10. Direct Incomes & Income ( Direct ) 
                             Incomes which affects directly on Production or on Gross  Profit

11. Duties & Taxes 
                             For A / c like VAT, Excise duty, Sales Tax, Income Tax come under this group.

12. Expenses Indirect & Indirect ( Expenses ) 
                             Expenses under administration come under this group like Advertisement, Salaries, etc.

13. Income Indirect & Indirect ( Income ) 
                           Incomes like Commission received, Rent received 

14. Fixed Assets 
                           The assets which are of long-period come under this group like Machinery, Building, etc.

15. Investment 
                          For investment in Shares, Bonds, Long term Bank Deposite, etc.

16.  Loans ( Liability ) 
                         For the long term loan taken from others

17. Misc. Expenses ( Assets )
                         For the Assets which are before start company 

18. Provision
                         For the Provision of Future expenses like Income Tax. Depreciation   

19. Purchase A/c
                         For the accounts of Purchase & Purchase return  

20. Sales A/c
                        For the accounts of Sales & Sales Return 

21. Reserves & Surplus / Retained Earning 
                        For the accounts of Reserves like General Reserve

22.  Stock - in - hand 
                        For Closing Stock

23. Sundry Creditor 
                        From whom purchased goods on Credit 

24. Sundry Debtor 
                       To whom sold goods on Credit.

25. Suspense A / c 
                        For the Accounts whose group we can ' t decide

26. Secured Loans 
                       For long term and short term loan which is taken against security of some assets

27. Unsecured Loans 
                      For loans obtained without any security.

The following options are available in the laser screen

The display:                here shows the list of ledgers.

Alter:                      from here you can improve the laser.

Delete ledger:          You can delete any laser by pressing Alt + D key on the Alter screen.

Gateway of Tally → Accounts Info → Ledger → Multiple Ledger → Create

tally ledger under list

If you want to quickly create multiple lasers in the same group, then choose this option Under group: Select the group that you want to make below the lasers.

Create New Group:
Group: A collection of lasers of the same nature is called a group. Many groups are already formed in the tally, but if you want to create your own group then Gateway of tally → Accounts Info. → Groups - → Single Portion → Create

 Fill in the information below
1. Name: Enter the group name here.

2. Alias: If you want a different name for reference, give it here.

3. Under: Select any parent group already defined in the tally

4. Group behaves like a Sub - Ledger: If you select Yes here, it will act as a control account for the group ledger. That is, only the balance of the group will be seen and not according to the laser. .

5. Nett Debit / Credit Balances for Reporting: If you select Yes here, the net amount of this group will be shown instead of THIOIRALA ala debit and credit balance.

6. Used for calculation: If you want to apply duties and tax while accounting for this group. So select Yes here.

(Alter group): After creating a group, if you want to change it, select Alter from single and multiple groups.

(Delete Group): To delete a group, press Alt + D. But before deleting a group, all its ledgers have to be deleted.

Exercise: 1

Now make the laser below. Its voucher entry is Chapter no. 4K exercises. I will see .

Sr No. Ledger                                                       Group 

1. Capital A / c                                                         Capital Account 

2. Vehicle Ac                                                            Fixed Assets 

3. Furniture A / c                                                      Fixed Assets 

4. Bank Of India                                                     Bank Account 

5. Purchase A / c                                                      Purchase A / c 

6. Sales A / c                                                              Sales A / c 

7. Sujit A / c                                                         Sundry Debtors  

8.Telephone Bill Ac                                        Indirect Expenses 

9. Commission Rec. Ac                                  Indirect Income 

10. Himanshu Sales                                           Sundry Creditors 

11. Purchase Returm A / c                                Purchase A / c            
12. Salary A / c                                                 Indirect Income 

13. Janta Bank A / c                                        Loans (Liability)  

14. Advertisement Exe. A                           Indirect Expenses  

15. Office Rent A / c                                    Indirect Expernses   

16. Dhirajk A/c                                                   Sundry Debtor 

17. Sales Returm A / c                                             Sales Account 

18. Electricity Bill A / c                             Indirect Expernses              
19. Vehical Depreciation A / c                     Depreciation

20. Furniture Depreciation A / c                depreciation

21. Bills Receivable A / c                                    Current Assets                                                                                  
22. Kishor A / c                                             Sundry Creditor

23. Bills Payable Ac                                        Current Liability                  

24. MandarA / c                                                   Sundry Debtor                         

25. Sum Microsystem Ac                                        Sundry Debtor  

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