what is Ms-PowerPoint?

                               MS - PowerPoint - 2010 
Microsoft Power Point This application is used to create a professional presentation. The presentation is made into a group of several slides, which contain information. PowerPoint can make a better presentation using multiple formats, background colors, and design.

Getting Started Ms - PowerPoint - 2010:

Click the desktop's Power Point 2010 icon to start PowerPoint 2010.


Go to Start → AII Programs → Microsoft Office → Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. This is how the PowerPoint 2010 window looks like. 
what is Ms-PowerPoint

Slide: PowerPoint's page is called a slide.

Slide Sorter: you can view all the slides of the presentation simultaneously. Extension Name of PowerPoint file. pptx is

Create New Presentation:
1. We will click on File menu.
4 . Will select New option.
III. Select Blank and Recent option and click on Create button.

Using an Installed Templates: - In this, the format of the presentation is made in advance by which we can easily make the presentation. To make it, do the following steps:

I. We will click on File menu.

II  Will select New option. As you do this, the dialog box of the new presentation will open.

III.  From that box, we will select Sample Templates options. After doing this, the dialog box of Sample Template will open.

IV. From that, select the format according to your requirement and click on Create button.

Saving A Presentation:
I. We will click on File menu.
II. We will select the Save option. After doing this, the dialog box of Save Us will open.
II. Type the file name in that box and click on the save button.

Adding Title And Sub Title: - From the title of any presentation, the viewers get to know whose presentation it is. Has been made about.

I. Click to add title button. As soon as this is done, Click to add title button is removed from there.

II. Now those who want to write the title will type in there.

Changing The Layout Of A Slide: - This changes the layout of the slide.

I. Select the slide whose layout you want to change.

II. We will click on Home Tab.

III.. Click on the Layout down arrow button and select another layout from it.

Applying Themes to A Presentation: uses themes to attract their presentation.
what is Ms-PowerPoint

I. Select the slide on which you want to apply the themes.

II. In the Design Tab, we will click on the More down arrow button. After doing this, the list of themes will open.

III. From them, we will select the themes as per your choice.

To add, delete, copy and paste slides in Power Point:

Adding a new slide to the presentation: Let us click on the Home tab to add a new slide to the presentation. With his help, new slides can be added as follows. .

1. Home Tab → New Slide

II. Right click on Slide Sorter → Click on New Slide

III. Shortcut Key Ctrl + M

Removing the slide from the presentation: - A slide can be deleted in the presentation as follows.

I. Home Tab → Delete Slide

II. Select Slide → Pressdelete key

III. Right click on slide → Delete

Copying and pasting the slide in the presentation:

I. Home Tab → Copy

II. Right Click on Slide → Copy 

III. Shortcut key Ctrl + C

Adding tables, graphs and charts to the slide:

Adding a table to a slide: - The table is used to show the data in a slide.

On clicking the Insert Tab - Table option, a dialog box named Insert Table appears. Column and row in it. Inserting the number, click on OK Button and the table is created. With the help of PowerPoint option, different types of effects can be applied.

Adding a graph or chart to a slide - Using a graph or chart, the data is run with the help of a slide. So that the audience can understand the data easily.

Clicking on the Insert Tab - Chart option brings up the Chart and Datasheet Window. The data seat contains the Tum plat data. Which is changed to input its data. Which automatically creates the chart. By right clicking on the chart, you can make various types of changes in the chart. Such as chart option chart type, chart data seat etc. . With Slide ShowMenu, it can be given a live appearance by applying various types of animations.

Add a video clip or audio clip to a slide
An Effective Presentation can be created in MS PowerPoint, ie with the help of it, one can easily explain their ideas. A video clip or audio clip can be added to its slide. It has the following steps of connecting.

Insert Tab → Video or Audio → Video or Audio from clip organizer

Select the option as per the requirement. If the sound has to be added, then click on Audio Trom file. Then a dialog box named Insert Audio comes up. Of which. After selecting the sound file, click on OK button and a dialog box appears. Audio from File. . . Which involves determining when to play the sound. It has two options. Clip Art Audio. . . 

1. Automatically
2. When Clicked

The sound slide in automatically starts automatically after the show. When clicked, the sound will play when you click on its icon. Joins Slide as a sound icon.

Custom Animation:
Custom Animation: - With this option, different types of animation can be applied to each object of the slide.

I. Select the object on which you want to apply custom animation.

II. Click on the Animation Tab.

III. Click on Add Animation. After doing this, the custom animation task pan will open.

There are four types of Effect in Custom Animation.

a.  Entrance Effect: - With this effect, the object is entered with the effect during the slide show. Which makes the presentation effective.

b. Emphasis Effect: - This effect is applied to highlight the object on the slide. .

C. Exit Effect: - This removes the object with Exit Effect in the slide during the slide show.

d. Motion Paths: - With this effect, make objects different from one place to another on the slide. Can. After effect set it is determined how to start it. .

Effect is started in three ways.

a. On Click: It comes on clicking Effect.

b. With Previous: - Effect comes with previous Effect in it.

c. After Previous: - In this Effect comes after the previous Effect.

The direction of the effect is determined in the Direction option. The speed of the effect is also determined. There are five types of speed in it.

Very Fast, Fast, Medium, Slow, Very slow.

Re Order: - The effect can be re-ordered with this button. Remove the effect from the Remove Button. You can play and try to set the effect. After applying the effect on all objects, you can see the slideshow.

Slide Transition Effect: A presentation consists of more than one slide. This effect is placed between two slides or a slide start. Comes before being. This shows that a slide is coming to an end and a new slide is coming. In a slide. The same Transition Effect is applied. In this, its speed and sound are also set. Different types in it. Are the loudest of Voice can also be set by recording it. On clicking the effect, the show is determined or the show is shown automatically. Automatically it is determined how long after this Effect is to be shown. This slide is called Slide Transition Effect.

Setting the Slide Transition Effect: On clicking the Transition Tab, the following dialog box appears. Fade Push Wipe Split Reveal Random Bars. The effect can be checked by clicking on Shape Uncover Cover Transition to This side Play Button. Click on Apply to all slides button. The effect is set in all the slides of the presentation. Slide Show Button can show that slide.

what is Ms-PowerPoint

Rehearse Timings:
After creating the presentation, a time is set to show all its slides, called Rehearse Timing. Automatically the slide changes after a certain time after setting it. Which makes the presentation effective.

Setting Rehearse Timings in Slide: There are two types of Rehearse Timings set in slide. Let us click on Slide Show Tab → Rehearse Timings. So Slide Show starts to happen and along with that comes a toolbar called Rehearse Timings.

Next Button: After setting the time of a slide, click on Next Button. So the next slide comes and the show starts to happen.

Pause Button: - This button can be pause Rehearsal Time. The rehearsal time shows in the toolbar. On the right is the Total Rehearsal Time Show of Total Presentation.

Handouts (What is a handout?)
Handouts are the printout of the Presentation. Those who support Presentation Before the presentation, you can distribute handouts in your audience, in which small prints of slides are two, four, six or nine in a page. Occur. This presentation is mainly given to the audience. In which the content of the slide is the name of the company present, date and the name of the speaker. All the slides of the presentation are printed out and distributed among the audience. So that Audience Presentation can be easily understood and can be used in future. A print out of at least one and up to nine slides can be taken out on a page. Empty to the side on that page.

There is space. So that the audience can write a note about the slide on it. To remove the printout of the handout. . . In the Print dialog box option Print what selects Handouts. And take out its print. On one page. How many slides to print. Select this with the Slides per page option.

File Menu → Print - → print what → handouts → ok

Running Slide Show:

I. Click the slide show button on the status bar. 


II. Click the Slide Show tab on the ribbon

III. Click from Beginning or From Current Slide button form start slide group

Short - Cut Key:

I. F5 = From beginning slide

II. Shift + F5 = From current slide.

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