MS - Access - 2010 

MS - Access is a database program used to organize data. So that these figures. Can be retrieved by correcting it as any useful information.

Database is used to keep the list of Customer's Work, Inventory and Sales in the business. Some Organizations and organizations such as the Trade Association use Non-Profit Organizations Database Management Software, ie Microsoft Access, to keep their members connected as a network.

What is Database?
A database is a collection of information that consists of many items. The structure of the database is based on the categories of information. For example, a telephone directory is a good example of a database. A simple database can work on information from one list at a time, whereas Microsoft Access can work from one at a time. More on and can compare among themselves.

Getting Started MS - Access - 2010:
Click Start Desktop 2010 Access to access Access 2010. Or

Start AII Programs - Microsoft Office - → Go to Microsoft Access 2010. Access 2010 window like this. Looks like.

ms access

Create atable in MS Access (Creating tables in MS Access): To store data in MS Access, tables have to be created. The table is inside the database file. There may be more than one table inside a Lavas file. Table data sets consisting of tables and columns are set.

Go to file menu - New click on blank database - insert file name - click on create button

There are three ways in which a table can be made.

1. Create a table in design view: In this the table is designed by the user. Let's name the field in it. And select its data type and set the property of that field.

ms access

2 . Create table by using wizard: 
The structure of its table can be easily prepared in a short time. There are ready made fields in it. Select it and transfer it to the new table and click on the Next button. In the second dialog box, give the name of the table and set the Primary key and then click on the Next button. Third dialog. In the box, it is determined in which view to view the new table.

3. Create table by using entering data: - 
The table is easily created with its help. In this, the data is renamed by right clicking on the field of the seat. The table is then saved.

Create table in design view:

I. Click on Create Tab.

II. We will click on the Table design button. After doing this, the wizard of Table design will open.

III. Field Name: - In this, enter the data as per your requirement.

IV. Data Type: - There are several types of Data Type, which are as follows:

a. Short Text or Text: - This is done to write words like Student First Name.

b. Memo: - It is used for Comments.

C. Number: - A number that has some significance, such as negative or positive.

d. Date / Time: - This is for data related to Date or Time.

e. Currency: - If you are putting the value of money, then use this option.

f. Auto Number: - The number is entered automatically.

g. Yes / No: - This is for entering logical fields.

h. Ole object: - If you are using a photograph or image from another application, then for that. Let's use the option.

i. Hyperlink: - This is done to store Hyperlink.

V. After setting all these options, we will click on the close button. After that a box will open.

VI. You will type the table name in that box and click on Ok button.

VII. Then double-clicking on the name of the table will open it and type its data in it.

Which is displayed as:

Modify Design View: - It is used to modify the design of a table.

To do this, do the following steps:

I. Click on Home Tab.

II. Click on View button. As you do this, the dialog box of the design view will open CDelete Rows.

III. There are three ways to modify it: -

What is filter?
A filter is a criteria or condition. Based on which records are searched or inputted into the database file. In this, the condition is prepared based on the data type of the field. Data records are filtered by applying filters to the table. In this, both the methematical and logical operators are used to create the condition.

Like =, <=, <> and, or, not

Example: - Name = "Mohan", only records that will contain Mohan data in Name field ie. The list will be the list of those people who live in Mohan. Filters can be used in forms, reports and database tables etc. Data can be filtered as follows.

 • Filter by form: - Selects the user value in this filter. In this, records can be searched from the table based on different condition in different fields simultaneously.

Home Tab → Filter → Filter by form

  • Filter by selection: - In this, select the value that has to be searched. So that value. Records are searched. This is the easiest way to search. With this, two options cannot be used simultaneously.

Home Tab → Filter → Filter by selection

  • Filter by excluding selection: - This is the opposite of selection. Select the value. Except that, all records come.

Home Tab → Filter - Filter by excluding selection

Advance filter: - In this user can make condition according to his own. In this "or", "and" and "not" etc. can also be used easily. Clicking on this option brings up a window.

 In this window, select the field in which the filter is to be applied. Sorting can also be done from here. If sorting is to be done. So let's choose its type. Write the condition and its value in Criteria. Condition is equal by default. If you take the same field or other field in the side column and give a value and condition in the criteria, then the operator between them comes. So below the or use the value or operator.

After setting the filter, from the Record menu, click on Apply filter / sortoption. Causing the filter to run. And displays records by filtering them. To remove a filter, go to the Record menu and click on Remove filter / sort. In which the filter is removed. The filter can also be saved as an query. Which can be used later by running Query. This does not waste time in rebuilding the filter.

File menu → save as → select type query → click ok button

What is query? 

A database contains more than one table. Information can be obtained by creating a relationship between these tables. There are some types of information inside the table that we need again and again. For this, we have to use that table again and again. In MS Access, we can keep the information of the selected fields from inside a type as a separate table and whenever we need that information, we can use the information kept as a separate table.
This by Queries in MS Access. Implement is done.

MS Access queries are the facility through which we can create more than one query table. This query table is created from the existing table itself.

Example: - Complete information of Employees under Employee table Emp - id. , Name, Age, Post, Salary Department etc. are in the form of fields. Us Emp - id. To see the name and address, then in this query. There is no need to use a table for this.

Make table query: - Make table query is only Access query type which is actually one to another bubble. Create Resulting table is generally smaller than Source table. A small table is also a Faster table. The following steps are done to create a tablequery -

1. Let us click on the Create Tab in the Database window.

2 . Let us click on Query design, then the Show dialog box will open.
3. In that box, we will select the table and click on the Add button. After that, click on the close button. As soon as this is done, a table will be added to the query.
4. Double click on the titlebar of Supervision and select all the fields. .

5. In Criteria row, type the condition in the Desired field.

6. Run the query. >  

What is Report? 
Report is a document which is useful for extracting reports from database. To prepare it, the following steps are done:

I. We will click on Create Tab.

II. We will click on the Report button. After doing this, the report wizard will be disturbed.

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