Mca Master Data

Mca Master Data


  • Create a company in a tally
  • Editing a company 
  • Editing company information 

We take a company Super Vision (Supervision) for an example.  The company purchases computer equipment and software and sells it directly to customers.  Now make this company according to the information given below:

Gateway of Tally - Company Info - Create

Company  info

Now the Windows of Company creation will open, type the following information here:

Directory  Company data which will be stored at the location, we can give the path here.

Name Give the company name here.

Company Logo: We can define the company logo here.

Mailing Name: Here the name of the company given above comes automatically.  We can change it according to our need.

Address: Type the company address here.

Statutory Compliance: Select India from the list of countries.

State: Select the appropriate state from the list of states.

Pin Code: Enter the pin code of the address specified.

Telephone No.  : Enter the company's telephone number.

E-mail: Tally documents report and data have to be sent to the e-mail given here.

Currency Symbol: Here by default (Rs.) Is.

Maintain: Select the nature of the company i.e. only account with account or inventory.

Financial Year From: Enter the date the financial year of the company starts from.

Books Beginning From: The above date comes here automatically.  But we can give the date which is started from the account book of the company.  For example, if the company started on June 10, then give the date here June 10.

Tally Vault Password: Tally Vault This is an improved security feature that protects a company's data in an encrypted form and is password protected.  Data cannot be accessed without this password.  If this password is forgotten, it cannot be recovered.

Use Security Control: Tally has many security controls, which define the authority of different users.  It can give authority to access data, fill, change or delete data etc.

Base Currency Information: It contains various information related to currency like currency symbol, currency name, decimal places etc.

After entering all the information above, press the Y button below.  Now the gateway of Tally's screen will look like this -


Modification of Company Information:

TORE After creating a company, you can change the details of the company.  For this, press Alt + F3 key and select the company which is to be modified.

Shut Company:

If you have opened a company and now you want to close it, press Alt + F1 and select the company.  The name of this company will be removed from the list.

Delete Company:

If you want to delete a ready company, first of all its entries have to be deleted, then Alt Press LE + D key.

 Apart from this, the following buttons are on the vertical button bar.

 1 . F1: Select Company - If you have to open               more than one company, press F1 key.
2 .  Fl: Shut Company - If more than one company is open and a company is to be closed, press Alt        +F1.
3.  F2: Date - From here you can change today's date of Tally.  Group
4  F2: Period - Press Alt + F2 key to set the company's current period.
5.  F3: Company - This option is activated only if more than one company is open.  Press F3 key to select a company.
6.  F3: Company Info - If you press Alt + F3 then Company info main will open.  Occur

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