what is an input device and output device.?

                                       Input Devices: 

Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Scanners, Digital Camera, MICR, OCR, OMR, Light pen, Touch Screen. Output Devices Monitors - Characteristics and types of monitor, Size, Resolution. Refresh Rate, Dot Pitch, Video Standard - VGA, SVGA, XGA etc. Printers - Daisy wheel. Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser. Plotter, Sound Card and Speakers.

Input devices: - Devices that are used to input data inside a computer. This is called an input device. There are two types of input devices.

1. .Online
2 . Offline

Online input device: - Devices that connect to the computer and perform the task of inputting data. It is called online input device. like
1. Keyboard
II. Mouse
III. Scanner
IV. Joys trick
V. Track ball
VI. Digiting tablet
XI. Light pen
XII. Touch screen
XIII. Voice Recognition

                                             Key board 
(keyboard) is a 19 most commonly used online input device. It works on the principle of typewriter. . This allows Text, Number, Symbol etc. to be inputted inside the computer. A standard keyboard has 105 keys and Multimedia Key Board has more than this. The keyboard key is divided into four parts.

1. Function key
2. Alfa - Numeric keypad
3. Numeric keypad
4. Special key

1. Function key: - This key is at the top of the keyboard. Their number is twelve (F1 - F12). Their function is different in different programs. Their function can be defined by the user.

2. Alfa - Numeric keypad: - This key is the center of the keyboard, it is the most important key. They can be inputted into the computer with alphabet and numeric number along with special symbols. Therefore . These are called alpha numeric keys. This makes A to Z, 0 to 9 ~! @ # $% ^ & * ()

3. Numeric key: - This key is on the right side of the board. It consists of 17 in total. This makes both number and arrow work. If the Num key is on, the number is input and if it is off, it acts like an arrow.

Special key: - Their number is less in the board, special work of computer is done by them. Such as screen printing, scroll lock, insert, power button, home, End, Insert etc. There are two types of keyboards depending on the technology

1. Wired keyboard: - A wire is used to connect this keyboard to the computer. That is why it is called wired keyboard.

2 . Wireless keyboard: - The wire is not used to connect this keyboard to the computer. Therefore it is called wireless keyboard. A receiver is required to connect this keyboard to the computer which is connected to the CPU. These keyboards work above the Radio Frequency.
what is an input device and output device
This is the most commonly used pointer input device in the GUI interface. It was developed after the 1980s. It is called a mouse because of its size similar to a mouse. It has a total of three buttons. There is a Left and Right Button and a Scroll button in the middle. There are three types of mouse

 1. Mechanical Mouse 2. Optical Mouse 3. Wireless mouse

Mechanical Mouse: - These mouse were used in 1990s. There was a rubber ball in it which came out of the shell of the mouse. When we moved the mouse on the surface, the sensors inside it sent a signal to the computer. These signals included the distance and direction of rotation of the ball. The pointer was determined on the computer screen based on this data.

what is an input device and output device.

Optical Mouse (optical mouse): - Optical Mouse is a new type of mouse, nowadays these icons are being used the most. They are also called Non Mechanical Mouse. In this, a ray of light is emitted from the surface below. Based on the reflection of light, it determines the distance, direction and speed of the object.

what is an input device and output device.
Cordless Mouse: - These are the icons of today's modern era. It functions on the basis of mouse frequency. It consists of two major components Transmitter and Receiver. This as Electromagnetic signal. The speed of the mouse and the information of the click are sent to the computer, the receiver is added to the computer. And in this, its driver has to be installed in the computer. It is also built in today's computers.
what is an input device and output device.

Scanner: Scanner is an online input device. With this, we can input information and data into the computer Directly. By reading this, any book, photo and other data can be saved in the computer as a photo. With this we convert hard copy to soft copy. The biggest advantage of using a scanner is that it does not require the user to type in information. There are two types of scanners.

 1. MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)

2 . Optical scanner

 MICR Scanner: - MICR is used more in banking. They are used to check more number of checks in the bank. In MICR Technology, the characters are printed by special magnetic ink on the check. The MICR reader reads the character printed on the check by sensing a magnetic coil. In these, no light is applied to the characters by optical method.

Optical Scanner: - In this, light is put on the characters by optical method. Examples of this are OCR, OMR  And the source page in the OBR scanner is placed on the flat surface of the scanner. Through the lens and the light source, the image is photosensored and converted into binary code and sent to the memory of the computer. Which shows on the computer screen. Editing can be done in scanned data.

what is an input device and output device.

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