What is a Solid Printer ink jet printer Drum pen plotters Fletbed plotters.?

                                     Solid Printer

Daisy Wheel printer: - It is a solid font printer impact printer. It is named Daisy Wheel because its printing head shape is similar to Gulbahar Phool (Msth). Daisy Wheel 'Printer is a slow speed printer. But its printing quality and clarity is good. Therefore it is used for printing letters, hence it is also called letter quality printer.

What is a Solid Printer ink jet printer Drum pen plotters Fletbed plotters.

Its printing head has a wheel. On which each letter has a letter embossed in it, a shade of hummer. There is a string that strikes the string and behind the ribbon is paper on which the letter is printed. The wheel fogging leads to printing, and the wheel moves forward in its horizontal motion while printing.

There are three types of Line Printer based on Line Printer Printing.

Line Printer: - Line printers are printers that print one line at a time. These are impact printers. There are three types of this.

1. Chain Printer: - This printer consists of a chain. Which is called a printing chain. Solid characters stick to it. It contains hammers, which are controlled by computer. Once the chain is full, a line is printed. They have clear and fast printing.

What is a Solid Printer ink jet printer Drum pen plotters Fletbed plotters.

2. Band Printer: - This printer has a band, which is called a printing band. Solid characters stick to it.

3. Drum Printer: - This printer has a drum. Solid characters stick to it. It contains hammers, which are controlled by computer. In this printer, the drum fumes, and a line is printed. They have clear and fast printing.

                                     Non Impact Printer

Non Impact Printer are printers that do not make a sound while printing. Is called a non-impact printer. They have higher printing speed and clarity than impact printers. 

There are two types of Non Impact Printer.

1. Ink Jet Printer 2. Laser Printer

Ink Jet Printer: - Ink jet printer. Non impact printer. In which ink on paper from a nozzle. Character and pictures are printed by splashing booms. Charge the ink in the nozzle of the printing head. Is left in the proper direction on the paper. The printout of this printer is more clear. Because the construction of letters in it. Consists of several dots. Color inkjet printers have four ink nozzles. Hence blue, red, yellow, black. It is also called as CYMK printer.

One of the main problems with this printer is that there is ink clogging in its print head, if the printing is not done for some time, the ink freezes at the mouth of its nozzle. By which its holes are closed. This problem is called ink clogging. Nowadays this problem has been solved. Also on the printing of this printer. Ink spreads if moisture comes. Its printing quality is usually 300 DPI (Dot Per Inch).

Laser Printer: - These are non-impact page printers. It has been used in computers since the 1970s. Earlier these mainframes were used in computers. They cost $ 3000 in the 1980s, and at the same time they are being used in microcomputers. Nowadays it is the most popular printer. Because their printing speed and quality are very good. Laser Printer Xerography works on the basis of technology. Xerography technology was developed for the Xerox machine. Xerography is a photography technique. Which consists of a drum containing film, a charged substance coated. This drum photo is requested. It prints the output on paper.

Procedure: - Printing in a laser printer is done by laser beam, with a beam emitted by laser beam lens. Polygon mirror is focused. Where this laser beam of output is reflected and then focused on another mirror by the lens. From where this beam falls and falls on the drum. This ray to be printed on the drum. Puts as lines. When this drum fumes. So the toner sticks to the charged places. It then transfers to toner paper. The output is printed on paper. This output is temporary. It is passed through the hot roller to make it stable. Which makes this printing permanent. Most laser printers have Microprocessor, RAM and ROM. Font and page in ROM
There are 300 to 600 organizing programs. Their printing quality ranges from  Dpi which is the best. Colors can also be taken by this. It has high printing speed. Its speed is measured in ppm (Page per Minute). Nowadays their price has come down. Nowadays its price has come down.

Plotter This is an output device that prints images and graphs. It can also do 3 D printing. Its. It prints banners, posters etc. It is of two types.

1. Drum pen plotter 2. Flatbed plotter

Drum pen plotter: - This is a plotter in which pens are used. Which dynamically creates a picture or shape on paper. In this, paper is mounted on a drum which slowly slides and the pen. Goes printing. It acts like a mechanical artist. Technical Drafting Pen is used in these. The speed of the pen is equal to one-thousandth of an inch at a time. Many plotter have four or more pens. It prints in inches per second.

Fletbed Plotter: - In this paper is kept in a fixed position in a bed or tray. There is a pen on one arm. Which rotates on the X axis and Y axis on paper from the motor to form a picture or shape. In this, the pen is controlled by computer.

                               Sound Card & Speaker

Sound Card & Speaker Sound card is an extension board. Which is used in editing and outputting sound. It is necessary to be used to listen songs, watch movies or play games in computer. Nowadays. The sound card is built into the motherboard. Sound cards and speakers complement each other. Sound Card  The speaker produces sound only with the help of. The sound inputted with the help of a microphone is edited with its help. MIDI supports almost all cards. MIDI music expressed in electronic form. There is a standard to do. The sound card converts digital data into analog signals in two ways.

Frequency Modulation: - Synthesis mimics various instruments according to the pre-made formula.

Wavetable Synthesis: - Generate sound depending on the recording of real instruments. It is more pure. They produce sound, but they are more expensive.

What is a Solid Printer ink jet printer Drum pen plotters Fletbed plotters.

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