what is a joystick trackball light pen and bar code

OMR: - Its full name is Optical Mark Reader. It is a device that checks the presence and appearance of a pencil or pen symbol on an OMR sheet. In this, paper is highlighted, and reflected light is checked. Where the sign is present, the intensity of the reflected light from that part of the paper will be less. This machine only checks the OMR sheet. Nowadays it is used to check the answer book of competitive examination. Its results give correct results in less time.

OCR - Its full name is Optical Character Recognition. The car character Recognition is identified by OCR standard characters seeing the difference between its Pre-printed carriers. With the help of pre-printed characters. The OCR is identified by standard characters. Typewriter, handwritten old articles by Jit gets to read Cod's character. OCR fonts are stored in computers. Those are called OCR standard. Letter in it. Number and special symbol. Those which are read by a light source are converted into electrical signals and sent to the computer for processing. It is a modern machine. Which scans the tax. It is being used to store books on computer. It is an expensive machine. . It is not used in homes.

MICR: - The full name of MICR is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It is used in More in banking. They are used to check more number of checks in the bank. In MICR Technology, the characters are printed by special magnetic ink on the check. The MICR reader reads the character printed on the check by sensing a magnetic coil. And it checks. Whether the check is correct or not, the letters printed on the check are written with magnetic ink. It is a total of 14 characters which are registered. They are written in a special font. This makes cheques tested at very high speeds.

Joystick: - It is used to play games in computer. The shape on the screen can be easily moved through the joystick. It is an easy way to teach computers to children. This makes it convenient to play games. It is used to control the robot.

what is a joystick trackball light pen and bar code

Trackball: - This is a pointer device. It acts like a mouse. It has a raised dirt. And there are two or three buttons, its ball is rotated with fingers. It functions as a mouse in a laptop. his . Games are also played with help. It occupies less space. In this only the ball has to be rotated, not the entire trackball device.

what is a joystick trackball light pen and bar code

Light Pen: - Light pen was used to create a picture or a shape on a computer screen. is . It is also a Pointer device. The light pen has a photo cell. When we someone on the computer screen from Light pen. Let's draw pictures. So its pulse is transmitted from the screen and saved in the computer. Light pen can also be used to select Menu Option. Nowadays it is being used more in the works of CAD.

what is a joystick trackball light pen and bar code

Touch screen: - Touch screen is being used nowadays to find catalog files in banking, railways, airports and library. The entire touch screen monitor has a sensitive screen. Which consists of many points. Which we call touch point. It also has a keyboard. By which data can be input inside the computer. This technology is user friendly. It is easy to operate. In this, the mouse acts as a finger. Touch the finger with the option to select it.

what is a joystick trackball light pen and bar code

                          Digitizing table tor Graphic table:

Digitizing tablet is a drawing surface. It is accompanied by a pen or mouse. There is a thin wire mesh on this table. On which the signal goes into the computer as soon as the pen is moved. A scanning head is placed above it. Which is called a puck. It is used to get the letter to the desired graphical position. Graphs can also be constructed with its help. Therefore it is also called graph table

Voice recognition: - With the help of this, we make data. You can get input by speaking in the computer and you can also operate the computer, so that the problems encountered while inputting the data can be removed. It requires a microphone. Data from this technology. Became easy to input into the computer. In this, the computer checks who is speaking and what is speaking. ', And converts the command or data spoken by it into an electronic signal.

Bar Code Reader (BCR): - BCR is used in business field. Of this product. This is done to read the bar code printed on the packet. So that all the information about the product is in the computer. Input is done in one go. And then it is processed. Optional for reading bar codes. The method is used.

what is a joystick trackball light pen and bar code

There are two types of BCR.

1. Flatbed: - It is set on the table and read the bar code of the product by placing it on it. goes .

2 . Handheld: - It is used by taking it in hand. It is used in small market couriers and post offices.

Offline input device: - Those devices which collect data and plug into the computer without plugging it into the computer are called offline input devices. The camera is an offline input device.

Digitel Camera: - It is an offline input device, it is used for capturing and storing photos. It has a screen on which we can see the photos drawn. It can be easily moved from one place to another.

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