What is a Hard Disk Floppy Disk and Computer Software ?

Syllabus: - Various Storage Devices - Magnetic Disks, Hard Disk Drives, Floppy, Disks, Optical Disks, Computer Software, Need, Types of Software's - System software, Application software System Software - Operating system, compiler, Assemblers, Interpreter.

There are two types of memory in a computer. One that stores data temporarily in the computer. That is, when the computer is turned off, its data gets deleted. This is called primary memory. 

One that stores the data permanently in the computer, that is, its data is deleted when the computer is shut down. Does not happen . This is called Secondary Memory. Let's save the data in this memory so that its use. To be done in future.

                            Secondary Storage Devices 
Secondary Storage Device is also called Auxiliary Storage Device. It is not a part of the computer. It is added separately to the computer. The data that is stored in it is permanent, ie the computer is turned off. In this case, store data is not deleted in it. As per the requirement, it can be opened in future by opening save files or folders, or it can be improved, and it can also be deleted by the user. Its storage capacity is high. And the speed of accessing data is slower than Primary Memory. Data. There are three types depending on the access.

1. Sequential Access Storage Device: - In this action, storage data is accessed in the same order in which order is stored. This access action is also called serial access action. They are used in institutions where a large amount of data is stored, and they are used in the same order. Use of this method in audio and video tape cassettes used in old times. Used to access data. This procedure is used to back up and access data in big companies. Magnetic tape is an example of this.

2. Index Sequential Access Method: - In this, data is accessed from the Sequential Access method itself. But an index is prepared while storing data in it. This index. The correct address for that data is present. With the help of which it can be opened. It is like an index page in a book. This does not waste much time in finding the address of the data.

3. Direct Access Method: - In this, data can be accessed in any order, and data can be stored in any order. Its access speed is higher than that of serial access. .

                                 Type of Storage device: 
1. Magnetic Tape: - Magnetic Tape is a permanent secondary storage device. On a plastic tape in it. Magnetic oxside remains attached. All tapes are of this type. Whether it is audio. Video or computer storage tape. In this, the store data is stored and accessed by sequential access method. They are used to take data in the computer and its backup.

2. carriage Tape: - The width of this tape is less than the magnetic tape. In the late 1970s. Compact cassettes were used in home computers. Tape dist was a good choice. The cost was less than that of the disc. The storage capacity of the tape was also similar to that of the disk. Increased tape capacity. can go . No disk capacity. Tape costs much less than disks. Even bigger today. Magnetic tape is being used to back up data in company . They are from one place to another. Location can be easily visited. They are cheaper to maintain.

                                         Magnetic Disk 
Nowadays, magnetic disk is being used in computers to store data. This disk has access to both sequential and Direct access data. Which is not possible in magnetic tape. There are two types of magnetic disks.

1. Floppy Disk
2 . Hard disk

hard disk: - Hard Disk was developed to store data on computer, nowadays it is being used in many fields beyond computer. For example, digital video recorders, digital room primitive device discs have a huge capacity to store data. 

Structure and Procedure: - The hard disk consists of a magnetic disk.

It has a head for reading and writing data. A hard disk is a central shaft. In which the magnetic disk is attached. Hard disk. Data is not stored on the top surface of the upper disk and on the lower surface of the lower disk. Everyone else. Data is stored on surfaces. The disc plate consists of Track and Sector. There is a data store in the sector. A sector holds 512 bytes of data. (N x 2) - 2 = Total storage It takes three types of time to store and read data based on the number of hard disk disks on which surfaces will store data. Which is as follows.

 1. Seek Time: - The time taken to reach a track that reads or writes data to disk is called Seek Time.

2 . Latency time: - The time it takes for the data in the track to reach the sector is called latency time.

3. Transfer Rate: - The time it takes to write and read data in the sector is called Transfer Rate.

What is a Hard Disk Floppy Disk and Computer Software

Floppy Disk: - Floppy Disk is also called Diket or simply Floppy. It is used in microcomputers. it happens . It was used as a CD. Used it from one computer to another. used to go . This requires a drive, which is called Floppy Drive. There are two types based on size and size.

1. Mini Floppy: - It is 514 inches in size. Their storage capacity There is 1.2MB. Their Drive is also similar in size.

2. Micro Floppy: - It is 372 inches in size. Their storage capacity There is 1.44 MB. Their cover is much stronger. It is of two types depending on its density. Double density is 0.7 MB stores data, it has 1440 Sector. High density Stores 1.44Mb of data. And it has 1880 sectors.

Floppy Disk is made of my substance. Magnetic Oxide is coated on its surface. It consists of Track and Sector in which data is stored. It is kept inside a plastic cover to protect it from scratches when it rotates. A part of this wrapper remains open from where the sala resides, from where the data is read and written. Its drive has a head. From which data is read / written. It has a notch. When this tip is closed, only the data in the disk can be read. Data in it when it is open. Can be written.

Optical Disk: - Optical Disk are those disks. In which light was used to read and store data. goes . Are called optical discs. A chemical substance is coated in this disk. It contains a dive. With the help of which it is used. The drive of these discs has a lens from which the beam emits. . There are two types of optical discs.

1 CD 2 DVD

Need of Software: - Consists of Computer Hardware and Software. To use hardware in a computer, its function has to be defined in the computer. So that he can do his work well. Its function is defined through software. That is, to use the computer Software | is needed . A software is required to perform any task in the computer. Hardware and software complement each other in computers.

Software: - Computer does not do any work on its own, first define it to get it done. Does matter . For which Computer Language is used. In computers, the group of commons is called a program. goes . In which the commandos are decorated in logical order. Which is called software.

There are two types of software.

  • System software
  • Application Software

System Software: - It is a group of one or more programs. Computer through this software. The hardware is controlled. It is a major computer program. Without this, the computer cannot be started. It works for the Software System. That is why it is called System Software. The following tasks are done by them:

1. This creates the interface between the user and the hardware.

2 . This provides a platform to execute the application software.

3. Provides support for using new hardware.

4. This is done by computers to maintain maintenance.

5. It controls the computer.

Following are some important system software.

  • Operating System: - Every computer requires operating system. without . Its computer cannot be used. This interface is created between the user and the computer.

  • Programming Language Translators: - Translators used in computer language are system software. Which convert user language into machine language, and machine language into user language.

  • Communication Software: - Nowadays data is transferred from one computer to another, in which System Software is used.

  • Utility Software: - The computer is maintained with the help of these software. They are called utility software. Such as Defregmenter, Disk cleanup, Backup, System restore etc.

Application Software: - These are the programs that a user uses to perform their daily routine. These programs depend on system software. They are manufactured in computer language. There are thousands of application software available today, with the help of which your work is done easily. Examples: Word processing software, Database software, Graphic Software etc.

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